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Sol never harms any person (or animal), the only things she wrecks are robots (and some rocks). The few human opponents just run away when defeated.

Sol can be harmed by robots or traps. However, there is no blood, and when Sol is defeated, she just jumps away from screen.


Accessibility can be improved through modding. This information is about the game without modifications.

Sight issues
It's a very visual game, so being able to see is required, but players with low vision still may be able to play with some settings. Colorblind players should not have trouble. Background can be disabled and the contrast can be adjusted.
Hearing issues
This game doesn't require sound. The game will work even if the sound hardware is missing.
Mobility issues
Controls can be configured for both keyboard and joystick. A one switch mode is provided. When not using one switch mode, the game uses 5 buttons (up to 2 buttons may need to be pressed at the same time). Also it can be played with only the mouse.