How to play

In this game you play as Sol. The goal is to reach the end of the level. Use the arrow keys to run and the spacebar to jump.

If Sol runs into a robot she will get hurt, however if she jumps and lands on it she will destroy the robot.

In the way you'll find special items called power-ups. Those items give Sol new abilities, which can be used by doing a double jump. Be careful: if Sol gets hurt, she will lose the power-up!


With this power-up Sol can fly! But she gets tired easily. Do a double jump and hold down the jump button to fly.
Spider feet! Sol can use this to climb walls and go into new areas. Double jump next to a wall to start climbing and press up and down to move!
Sol is carrying a hammer! She can use it to break obstructions in the ground and open new passages. Double jump to slam the hammer against the floor!
A parasol. If you double jump and hold down the jump button Sol will be able to leap across long gaps! This power-up may help lead to some new paths.