Race the Sol

Race the Sol trailer

What happens when you throw Sol into Race the Sun's world? We don't know how, but now Sol is lost between cubes, ramps and other shapes. Play this free mod themed on Race the Sun and go help her!

Requires Sol version 1.2 or later. Works on demo version.

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Race the Sun's ship needs sunlight to keep going, and boosters make sunlight last longer. In a similar way, Sol can use boosters to recover her energy.
Sol can always jump since she has legs. However, this power-up will allow her to jump even higher.
Race the Sun's ship is quite fragile, and unless it has a shield, it will explode if it crashes. Sol is not that fragile, but she may find the extra protection useful.
We heard that if you collect many triangles, you can get a big bonus at the end. Can you reach the 3 million points?